June in Yellowstone

After three months in the park, I have witnessed the end of winter and the transitions from spring to summer along with a surprise snowstorm. While most of the snow has disappeared, there remain a few select patches too stubborn to melt, but where visitors who have never seen snow, play.
The timing of my casts to hungry trout seems to be in cadence with the changes, and I feel I am in rhythm with the forces of nature.
The forests and slope of mountains are filling in with wildflowers as wildlife activity moves about the park that is their home.
The vibrant colors of spring and summer, the scent of growth, the size and scale of this place reminds me of what Wallace Stegner referred to as "The Geology of Hope" which can be overwhelming at times but also gives me hope and solace.
The big blue skies filled with bright white cumulus clouds and passing thunderstorms tell me summer is here.

I have attempted to record and select a few photographs of what I witnessed and felt this June in Yellowstone. The stories will come later.


We all need different size territories. 

 -Doug Peacock 


The purpose of life is to see. 

Jack Turner 

The Colors of Yellowstone 

My heart found its home long ago in the beauty,mystery,order and disorder of the flowering earth.

-  Lady Bird Johnson  


Fishing should be a ceremony that reaffirms our place in the natural world and helps resist further estrangement from our origins.

-Thomas McGuane  


Yellowstone in Black and White 

Our national parks are memory palaces where our personal histories reside.


-Terry Tempest Williams-The Hour of Land

Coming soon,Stories from the Corral 

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