GFS vision originated from a passion we all share,

a good story.

"GFS shares the full fishing experience - photos and paintings of beautiful locations, personal stories of life experiences and relationships, and the meditative psychology of the tactile connection and rhythmic timing of holding a fishing line." 

-Artist Joan Levy Hepburn

"You photograph the veil with a keen eye."

-Diane Gagne 

"GFS surpassed all expectations but David Gallipoli promised that he is about to take the magazine to an all new level." 

-Chip Drozenski,  andesdrifters 

David Gallipoli elevates the tales/tails of 'the ones that got away’ to a totally different stratosphere!
He incorporates a veritable visual feast of creative layout, photography, typography and literature to delight the senses.
I look forward to each issue with ‘baited' breath!

-Miranda   Ocean Daze, Windermere Island, The Bahamas

" Letting Go" is very fine work. The simplicity of the dulcimer soundtrack is dear. It guides the visual message along perfectly." 

-Singer/Songwriter/Storyteller -David Massengill 

"5hours in Butte"

Slowly you are taking us into the town and this sign on the wall makes it hard for us to know when this picture is made. Could be today, could be the 50’s. There is a sense of mystery in this series and this adds to the curiosity of your audience. Again the power lines runs through your images just like they do in the town but they are never bothersome, rather the opposite. They are quiet beautiful in a way. 

 -The LensCulture Team

GFS produces Catch and Preserve magazine and individual features . GFS is available to provide services to create original content combining graphic art design, photography, video and storytelling for your projects and products. GFS also accepts submissions. 

 -GFS Limited Edition Prints

Each image will be printed on high quality Archival paper, numbered 1/6 and signed by the photographer, David J Gallipoli. Please contact me for printing options and pricing.

David J Gallipoli

Touching our hearts and igniting our passions 

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